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Thank you very much.


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Evening menu prices

Dear Customers,

Notice of night menu price revision

Thank you for your patronage,
Thank you very much.

Thanks to your support and encouragement, our shop is the current
We have continued to operate at a price.
I am grateful to all of you for this.
However, due to the recent rise in the price of raw materials,
The environment surrounding our shop is very severe, and the current price
It is in a state that cannot be maintained.

Prior to the lunch menu from May 2nd,
We have revised the price (price increase),
Continued price revision of the evening menu from July 1
(We will raise some prices, reduce some prices).

Thank you for your understanding in consideration of various circumstances.
Thank you.

In addition, we will not forget the feeling of gratitude to everyone, and every day in the future
We will devote ourselves to pursuing convincing taste and service.
Therefore, we sincerely hope that you will continue to favor us in the future.
Thank you.

All the potatoes